Conveniently located just 25 minutes from downtown Buffalo, Glen Oak offers a championship Robert Trent Jones designed golf course open for public play. After a round of golf, visit our Oak Room bar and grill. We also offer extraordinary views from our banquet facility, where we handle all types of banquets with our superb food and outstanding service.

Some of Glen Oak’s amenities include:

  • 18 hole championship Robert Trent Jones designed golf course.
  • Rated 4 1/2 stars by Golf Digest.
  • GPS-equipped Club Car golf carts.
  • Large practice area with natural grass practice tee and large practice green with putting and chipping areas.
  • Upstairs fine dining banquet facility overlooking the golf course with seating up to 250.
  • Outdoor covered patio with seating for up to 250 for all types of banquet functions, from weddings and parties to golf banquets.
  • Casual “Oak Room” grill for food and beverage.
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms.
  • Full service golf shop.
  • PGA professional instruction.

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Course Tour

The 1st hole – The fairway bunkers are definitely in play off the tee. If you can clear the fairway bunkers with your tee shot, big hitters may want to try to reach the green in two, but this brings the greenside bunkers in to play. A safer route might be a fairway wood off the tee to avoid the bunkers, followed by a mid iron lay up to the middle of the fairway and a short iron to the green.
The 2nd hole – A deceiving par 3. In addition to the pond in front of the green, there is a creek behind, in front of and to the right of the green. Club selection is therefore crucial. The only bailout area is immediately in front of the green or to the left of the green.
The 3rd hole – Big hitters, even if they keep it straight, can go right through the fairway and rough into the water off the tee, and therefore a fairway wood or long iron may be in order. Trying to cut the corner off the tee leads to nothing but trouble with the fairway bunker and out of bounds on the left.
The 4th hole – Be careful with the out of bounds down the entire left side. An extremely deep green on this hole can mean a 2 or 3 club difference hitting into the green, so pay attention to the pin placement.
The 5th hole – This is a 3 shot par 5. Don’t get greedy with either your tee shot or your second shot. Water on both sides comes into play on the second and third shots. Most people are happy if they can walk off the green with the same ball they started the hole with.
The 6th hole – Play to the left of the fairway bunker, and the hole then turns gently to the right. Big hitters may want to try to fly the fairway bunker with their tee shot, which would set up a wedge to the green. The green is two-tiered and large, so pay attention to pin placement.
The 7th hole – A true risk / reward hole. The smart play is an iron off the tee aimed straight at the fairway bunker. A tee shot placed in the middle of the fairway just short of the fairway bunker leaves a short iron to the green. Hitting a wood off the tee and trying to cut the corner of the pond is an extremely risky tee shot. This is another huge green. A pin on the right side of the green is a considerably longer approach shot than to a pin on the left side of the green.
The 8th hole – A daunting par 3 all over water. Hitting to the back of the green, even if the pin is in the front, is the safer play here to avoid bringing the water and bunker into play, even though this will leave a difficult downhill putt if the pin is in the front.
The 9th hole – Even though this hole usually plays downwind, the water on the right is definitely in play off the tee. The green is very narrow in the front with the two greenside bunkers, so again the safer approach shot might be to the back of the green.
The 10th hole – A tee shot aimed to the right of the fairway bunkers will set up a short to mid iron to the green. This hole usually plays downwind, so be careful with your approach shot since over the green is out of bounds. The three tiered green is one of the toughest on the course.
The 11th hole – A reachable par 5, especially with the prevailing wind. The key to this hole is to find the fairway with your tee shot. The right rough slopes down to the creek, where most sliced drives find a watery grave. A tee shot too far left blocks out the best angle for playing your second shot.
The 12th hole – Check the wind direction on this tough par 3. Club selection to the angled green is critical, with water in front and bunkers behind the green.
The 13th hole – You are now going back into the prevailing wind. The tee shot must avoid the out of bounds on the left, and many sliced tee shots bounce and roll into the woods on the right, especially when the course is playing hard and dry. Make sure to take enough club for the approach shot, which is uphill into the prevailing wind.
The 14th hole – A slight dogleg left around the fairway bunker. A good straight drive can set up a birdie chance on this fairly short hole. But make sure your drive is straight. Hooked tee shots can easily find the out of bounds and sliced tee shots usually find the creek.
The 15th hole – A beast of a par 3. It usually plays longer than it looks, so be sure to take enough club. Don’t go directly for the pin if it is behind the bunkers or you will probably be trying to get up and down out of the sand for par.
The 16th hole – Stay right of the bunker off the tee and you might have a short iron into a small green. Only the big hitters should try to cut the corner over the edge of the fairway bunker. Don’t be long on your approach shot.
The 17th hole – A short par 4 where position off the tee is crucial. The water on the left is reachable from the tee for long hitters. If you can just find the fairway with your driver or fairway wood, you will have a short approach shot to the green. Over the green can be trouble since it slopes down to a creek on the right.
The 18th hole – This is another 3 shot par 5. Just hit a fairway wood or long iron off the tee, which will put you over the first creek to the middle of the fairway. A mid iron second shot over the second creek can put you in the middle of the second part of the fairway short of the pond, leaving a short or mid iron over the pond to a receptive green. Any other course of play for this hole carries many risks.
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Our Banquet and Wedding Facilities

Glen Oak’s banquet facility is the premier location for all types of formal and informal banquets in western New York. Our upper banquet room offers fine dining and atmosphere with panoramic views of the golf course. Whatever the occasion, Glen Oak can create the perfect atmosphere, from formal weddings to business meetings to informal parties.

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