We’ve partnered with Titleist to bring you the best golf gear to the best in New York Golf. Now through 5/17 (offer extended), when you buy 3 dozen of Titleist’s V1, V1x, or AVX golf balls, you’ll get 1 dozen FREE.

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A note from Titleist:

Given the recent Massachusetts government advisory regarding COVID-19, we have, unfortunately, had to temporarily suspend operations at our golf ball facilities. As such, all golf ball orders will now be delayed until further notice. Please note that golf balls without personalization will ship sooner than custom golf balls; however, we cannot estimate when those shipments will begin to restart until there is updated guidance from the Massachusetts government. Once we have more information and can provide an estimated date as to when operations will resume, we will immediately update Titleist.com as well as communicate new order ship dates. Thank you for your understanding and patience.